Auction Results – 18 July 2023


Auction Results – 18th July 2023


Our monthly auction held at The View located in the gorgeous Hill Farm Marina was a roaring success. Not put off by the rain and with the offer of some absolute bargains, the turn out was extensive and with the Malvern Hills looming in the back ground, bidding got underway…


Lot 1 – Rouncil Lane

The bidding for this piece of land started at £50,000, after a bit of a slow start the gavel finally fell at £85,000


Lot 2 – Henley Road

Another piece of land that started off slow at £70,000 but after a lot of back and forth and a new bidder making their presence felt just before the the gavel fell, this finally sold for £116,000


Lot 3 – Dark Lane

This 9.86 acre land with buildings start well below the guide price of £330,00 at £280,000. However, there was a lot of interest in this lot and after a lot of back and forth from all parts of the room and some great selling by our resident auctioneer Richard Abbey this finally sold at an impressive £590,000!


Lot 4 – Poolhead Lane

This plot of land started at the guide price of £150,000 and much interest was show, eventually pushing the sale price to £185,000, a real bargain!


Lot 5 – 35 Red Hill

This property had a lot of interest and rightly so as the scope for improvement in this property is immense. Not for the faint hearted, the bidding for this property started at £60,000, well below the guide price. However, the potential this property offers became clear when the gavel fell at £128,000


Our next auction will be held on 26 September 2023. Please head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages where more info will follow.

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