Planning your Move

Planning your Move

Jul 5, 2014Auction

Planning your move 1

It is never too soon to get organised for moving house.  The best place to start is by having a good clear out.  Go through your home, room by room and be as ruthless as you can. This will save you both time and money in the long run.  Make an inventory of what you are keeping, this will be very useful for the packing process and the move itself.  

Stick to the professionals – Depending on the amount you have to move, you will probably want to hire a professional removal company. It is always best to go with a recommended company or a company that adheres to a code of practice and is a member of an authoritative body such as the British Association of Removers (BAR) or the National Guild of Removers and Storers (NGRS).

Make sure you’re covered – Check that they offer insurance and what will and won’t be covered.

Plan ahead – Ask about timings, when they will arrive and how long can you expect them to take. Be honest with the removal company about the amount you have to move. You can use your inventory to help them with this, that way you can be sure they will send an appropriately sized van and enough workers for the move to go smoothly.

Make sure everyone has a key
 – The exchange of keys should be arranged for the day of the move, if not before, as it will be costly to have the removal van waiting around.

Make a plan of your new property and decide what each room will be used for
 – You can then use this plan to co-ordinate your packing and label or colour code your boxes and furniture accordingly. Give a copy of the plan to the removal company. They can then make sure that the furniture and boxes destined for bedroom one are taken to bedroom one.

Pack carefully
 – Don’t forget to do the obvious things like wrap fragile items in bubble wrap or newspaper and spread the weight of heavy items over several boxes.